F&G is a full-service fabrication company providing excellent quality on your schedule. We assist you from design through assembly and installation, using the latest technologies. Our experts can complete your product or project of any size or quantity.

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We can assist in the design of your project, whether it is a one-off, prototype, or design for production. F&G’s resources include not only steel fabrication, but also other materials. These services can follow through to even user manuals. We use SolidWorks and can read AutoCad.


The central focus at F&G is our steel fabrication expertise. Our professionals combine the latest fabrication technology with decades of experience to produce the highest quality and value in the industry. We can respond to emergencies by drawing on some of the best talent in the area.


In addition to fabrication, F&G can assemble and test your complete projects. We can supply your project in-the-white, plated, galvanized, or with any number of modern coatings. If your project needs to be installed, we can perform all necessary construction with minimal site impact. We can even get the required permits.

Associated Capabilities

We regularly work with other materials and can share these resources with the same flexibility and value. In order to offer true turn-key service, F&G can provide all types of construction, metal castings, machining and forming, technical glass, composites, wood, vitreous materials, all kinds of plastics from fabrication on-site to molded, and fabrics. We also do truck rigging and trailer repair.